Utah Lake Family Session - Wise Family

When the Wise family and I shot together in late March, my naive mind thought we would get some spring sun.

Haha nope!

About halfway through our shoot, a huge storm started rolling in, so we packed up and went to our second location early. The Wises were so easy-going and baby Blaine was the best sport of all. Rolling with the punches as best he could!

I recently chatted to Melissa about this shoot and she mentioned that she's so grateful we took these photos when we did, because I was able to capture baby Blaine at the height of his cute habit of sticking out his tongue. Now that he's grown out of that phase, it's so special to have these photos to remember that phase of life.

Here's what they had to say:

"Katie made sure we were comfortable to get the best shot possible. My son was crying because it was cold and she was still able to get amazing shots and worked with us so he could stay warm. These are definitely images I will remember forever."

Time can seem like it's moving in slow motion with little ones, but in retrospect it moves too fast. Do you want to preserve an intimate, timeless snapshot of your family?

Then let's chat :)