Snowy Park City Couples Session- Ariel & Kevin

couple in Park City snow play with their puppy

Ariel & Kevin live in New York City and we first met in 2019 when they wanted a couples session during their trip out to Los Angeles. (Look how cute they are here!) The stars realigned for us when I took a trip out to Utah to photograph another wedding and they had relocated to Utah during the pandemic!

They wanted photos to remember their time in Park City with their precious pup, Luna, and all of the snowy weather. Park City provided the snow and Ariel and Kevin provided the cute-ness!

Looking to have your love captured in a vibrant and modern way? I know we’ll be a perfect fit.

Then let's chat :)

asian couple smile at each other while walking their dog outside of the big white barn in park city, utah
couple in winter jackets hold their dog in front of snowy utah mountains
man picks up and spins woman in front of utah mountain range
black and white photo of couple spinning and smiling
cute couple nuzzles noses in park city utah snow
man kisses woman's cheek while hugging her from behind
man gives woman a piggyback ride in park city utah
dog looks at the camera
man and woman playing with their dog at a snowy park
couple and dog smiling at the camera
man kisses woman on the cheek while holding a dog
man and woman nuzzling in park city utah
cute couple walking in snowy utah park
man and woman sitting in the snow and holding their dog
couple kissing while sitting in the snow
black and white photo of couple playing with their dog
cute couple playing with their dog in the utah snow
man in gray sweater and woman in beige sweater and gray hat smiling at each other
couple hugging and smiling in front of pine trees
woman holding on to man's smiling face
double exposure of couple in utah snowy mountains
man and woman smiling at the camera in front of snowy pine trees
woman throwing snow at a man
man and woman smiling at snow falling in park city, utah